Selfie wednesday

Dear diggy

After looking at you picture you posted I have been feeling after noon sickness I missed my peroid and I felt something moving in side of me and no its not gas cause I checked so as for now I demand child support pronto

aww damn

like i said before i hope it aint true but if it is true

terrio getting stuck in a tube at chuck e cheeses further proves my point that he needs to be in school so he could do the math,his parents need to teach him common sense that way he can ask himself “am i really gon fit down this tube”,finally,instead of fatting him up to make a quick buck help this boy loose weight because the fatter hhe gets the more were gonna talk about this and it will effect him

i hope this aint true

and dont get mad at him because he went on tv and got everybody on 106 and porch together

so i dont know who this august guy is

but what i do know is that if an artist comes to your show and lets you know what it is that they dont want to talk about, then the host the producers,and all of the above should respect the artist wishes #POINTBLANKPEROID


How tall is ray ray

Princeton Apprieciation day

So princetons bday is next Monday right so I think on that day in honor of him we should either dress up like princeton or put peace signs on our hands what ever you can think of for princetons bday

this looks like that red head lady from power puff girls decied to show her face

imma need for the promo people who ever they are to update diggy’s picture and stop using shit that was 3 years ago

bitch when malaysia said to sundy and brittish

you are draya and malaysia a couple of years ago and jackie you look so familar”image