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Sim Jacob and Rachel are expecting a baby

Who remembers this
I was waiting for this


the way my catholic middle/elementary school used to portray purgatory i thought it would just be an all white waiting room with people that just died sitting in chairs (lookin’ how they looked like when they died) waiting for the receptionist (who has wings and is wearing all white) to call their…


Loving the ICE water challenge but some of these celebrities be using these small ass buckets abd it looks like they waited for the ice to melt.like no that ice water needs to be like that one bowl of soup that bearly got beef in it til the waiter come back with 70% beef and 30% soup cause he’s over you



Noooouuuuuu ;________;

lmao why?

But they used prince 😂😂

pineapples by jetsettergeneralwife featuring ankle socksAnkle socks / Olivia von Halle silk pajama set

princeton might delete his twitter and instagram

i guess yall better get all the screen shots and saved pics while you can cause all honesty this might be a good thing

justin’s belly button be lookin like the hamburger on pizza http://photos-f.ak.instagram.com/hphotos-ak-xaf1/10601697_700838606637637_1999261875_n.jpg

so yall wanted roc to admit that he has a baby now yall mad cause he admited it

i think those of you who are leaving team roc should just leave altogether because team ray dont need you and team prince dont need you dont homie hop cause you mad at roc for something you wanted him to do homie hop because one of them has done something or continues to do stuff that makes you smile


okay so i just came back from welcome freshman night! it was okay. i met a couple people, i had to run a lot, and i stole a box of pizza. (well sorta.)
anyways, i have the books that i’m giving to the little babies as presents! i guess you can tell whose is whose. the one in the middle is new and i want to try and read it as much as i can till i give it away. they a little raggedy cause two of them i’ve had for a while and the one in the middle wasn’t well taken care of, but they are such good books! eeep!

My mom has i would die 4 u book she said it was good


Supermodel Ataui Deng has been missing for 10 days, y’all. Had it not been for Roblé’s post, I wouldn’t have heard anything. 10 Days and NOTHING in the media?
If you have seen her or know anything concerning her disappearance, email FindAtaui@gmail.com
Again, I feel this begs to be said again: Black. Lives. Matter.