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If only he was that guy in my neighborhood playing ball😞😞😞

so i’m a list on kim k hollywood um

am i suppose to hear cameras clicking


ha !

😱😱 it’s OK cartoon ray I’m here -wipes tears-rocky will never hurt you again


glad that tumblr has started putting random ppls posts on my dashboard, love it, thanks for this exciting new feature, definitely want to see posts from people i dont follow, thats why i didnt follow them

Thought I was the only one

mbyearbook here you go

mbyearbook asked:
Omg that Princeton hair/face imagine was adorable! I hope u put this on wattpad if u haven't already 😍☺️

thanks i just might do that

Diggeth that looks like healthy habit heart burn
Just beautiful

S/O to mbyearbook so giving me the idea to make my  post princeton into a imagine

Princeton Imagine pt1

Blue’s pov

so i was stitting at home on my computer doing my norm when i saw a picture of princeton and i love how his skin looked soo smooth his eyebrows were everything his lip look so perfect and his hair looked like a big fluffly cloud. then i thought “hmmm, how great would it be if i shrunk to where i could live in princeton’s face and hair for 2 days how gleeful i would be.that night i went to bed fell asleep.next morning i woke up feeling warm so cozy i sat up to greet the sun to only realize there was hair everywhere.not knowing what was going on i looked around for 10 mins for clues then i felt a earth quake i screamed and screamed then i herd

Princeton:sounds like a little gnat flying in here but i cant see it

immediately my heart began to race i looked up to see light i ran towards that light at the end i looked down to realize I’M IN PRINCETON’S HAIR . within seconds i screamed and rolled around his hair

Princeton:there goes that gnat again it better not fly up my nose

oh his voice sounded so nazely voice was soo perfect i had to go down to his face for a closer look.i dangled from a strand of his hair and fell onto the counter

Princeton: the fuck is that a spider


Princeton leaned down for a closer look i hope he finds me eligible to have his children

Prince: your a tiny person

Blue: why yes i am

Princeton: how’d you get that way

Blue: i i wished i could live in your hair and face for 2 days

Princeton: O.O why

Blue: idk it was a joke


Blue: well i’m here that is all that matters right

Princeton: i might as well keep you until that time but lay low ok




somethings have come up though i did say three chapters today i’ll write the other two first thing tomorrow promise

is it wierd

that because i’m 5’2 that a guy calling me a shorty makes me feel some kind of way just a little

sometimes i just want to  shrink and run into princeton’s face into a world a pure moca butter like soo smooth in a world a pure imagination